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Fremington Youth Football Club is run by an army of volunteer parents and a dedicated group of FA qualified coaches with varying qualifications from FA Level 1 standard to FA UEFA B. In addition each coach has achieved a specific Youth Module course giving them unique insights into how the children learn and develop as individuals through football, Each coach has attained a recognised level of First Aid training and attended a Safeguarding Children workshop. 


The junior section takes pride in developing players and puts an emphasis on this. We will not compromise development and inclusion by adopting a “win at all costs” approach. However we accept that winning is part of the enjoyment of the game and so we will always endeavour to support our players by giving them the best opportunity possible to express their talents within a successful team environment.





George Tossell - FYFC Chairman


On behalf of the Fremington Youth Football Club Committee members:

George Tossell – Chairman

Stuart Ware – Vice Chairman

Rew Hassell – Treasurer

Graham Smelt - Secretary



Effective youth coaches possess the skill to make the game relevant, appropriate and enjoyable to the players in their care. This can be a complex process, requiring appropriate technical and tactical knowledge and an appreciation of the affect that age, stage and level of development have on a young player. 


As such , The Future Game does not promote any one strict way of coaching the game. The intricacies of adapting method and approach according to circumstance and situation are integral to The Future Game coaching philosophy. Flexibility and adaptability are crucial skills for effective coaches of young players.

Playing Philosophy:

The Future Game playing philosophy outlines an overarching vision for the English game, a statement for coaches and

clubs to develop their own bespoke and individualised coaching programmes. 


The Future Game playing philosophy is broken down into the following principles: 

In possession:


  • A possession based approach played through the three-thirds of the pitch 

  • Quality passing and intelligent movement and support off the ball 

  • Penetrative, incisive and varied attacking play , allied to good finishing 



The Future Game playing philosophy reflects many of the styles and approaches demonstrated by high-performing

teams at European and world level. It is important to note, however, that The Future Game philosophy isn't a replica

of any particular country's approach, and is underpinned with England's own DNA in which desire, work-rate and

competitiveness are continually encouraged. 


Additionally, the playing philosophy actively encourages the individualistic player. Players with varied and

unique dribbling skills and the dexterity to go past defenders, particularly in the final-third, are fundamental

to success in the future game.


Players - What we expect from you as the player…

  That you come willing to learn from each session and don’t stop others from learning. 

  That your behaviour is to a high standard, treating others in the group with respect so that we have a safe and fun session.

  Have a go at coming up with your own answers to problems during sessions and games, try something new…

  Use every opportunity to practice and be ready to come to the next session and show us what you are learning.


Parents - What we expect from you as the parent… 

  To allow the players the freedom to express themselves during practices, refraining from coaching, shouting or providing instruction from the sideline.

Let the players play, 

experiment and have fun!

  To reinforce a key learning messages - its ok if you don't grasp a new skill or technique straight away, mistakes are part of the learning process and creativity is to be praised and not discouraged. 

  To support your child’s post session reflection… For example “What did you learn today?” “How did you use this in the game?”, “What problems did you face and how did you solve these?”

  To encourage your child to take ownership of their own practice by giving them 

opportunities to practice in their own time. 

  Work with them, help them out, but remember let them make the decisions…


Coaches - What you can expect from us as the coaches… 

  We will be professional and organised throughout, providing a safe and fun environment for children. 

  We will praise positive behaviour and attitude rather than focusing on negative behaviour.

  We will provide opportunities for the players to have a go at solving game related problems.

  We will encourage creativity, imagination and incorporate variety in practice.

  We will create a positive learning environment where players can be independent decision makers.

  We will plan appropriate sessions and challenges to meet individual player and group needs using our FA four corner coaching model. 

(Technical, Psychological, Physical, Social)

  We will continue to critique ourselves in order to improve our service and will encourage feedback from players and parents

RESERVES - 19.08.17


Under 4 - 7 Mini Panthers

Kev - Manager/Coach

07853 008133

Just Play Sports

Under 9

Melissa Barnard – Manager/Coach

07412 412282


Under 9 Panthers

Paul Capner - Manager/Coach

07971 428347


Under 10

Rew Hassell – Manager/Coach

07717 216135


Under 11

Rew Hassell - Manager/Coach

07717 216135


Under 12

Ian Snowden - Manager/Coach

07813 266638


Under 13

Phil Murrey - Manager/Coach

07818 415142


Under 13 Panthers

Paul Capner - Manager/Coach

07971 428347


Under 11

Amy Louise Berry - Manager/Coach

07794 961198


Under 13

Mark Joslin - Manager/Coach

07796 611632


Under 15

Stuart Ware - Manager/Coach

07955 752394



George Tossell


Stuart Ware


07855 752394


Graham Smelt


Rew Hassell


Mark Rostock


Mark Rostock


07812 339617


Mark Rostock


07812 339617


Rew Hassell


Our club will only exist with the help of volunteers, if you can help in any way, no matter how small, please, please don't hesitate to get in touch


Sticklepath Community School,

Woodville, Barnstaple, Devon

EX31 2HH

Sticklepath Community School,

Woodville, Barnstaple, Devon

EX31 2HH

Frembley, Beechfield Road,

Fremington, Devon

EX31 3DD

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